Episode 83: Geek Herring & Chill: Happy Pride 2020!

June 2020 has been a month! But, even though Pride was delayed a bit, for very ovious and very good reasons, we are celebrating now. So plug in your earphones and get ready to join the Pride Party!

This episode starts a bit heavy with the pretty shitty news about our former favourite author. We’ve already talked about this pretty extensively in our episode with The Gayly Prophet, but we dunno about you, we’re finding it harder to reclaim Hogwarts as our home again. We just need to take a minute and regroup on this one.

We’ve had some set backs come out of the White House (as usual -insert major eye roll here, amirite?-) but then we got some surprise news from the Supreme Court who ruled that LGBTQIA+ folk can’t be discriminated against at work! Finally, in the month of all years, we get some good news and something worth celebrating!

Leading up to this episode, we polled Twitter and Discord for people’s fave queer characters and were not disappointed! From Will and Robin (Stranger Things) to Cosima (Orphan Black) to Sir Hammerlock (Borderlands 2 & 3) and more, there was no shortage of replies. We discovered new characters to stan, and stan we will, and new shows to binge (hello Sense 8!).

We did discover a lack of bi, pan, trans, and ace characters gracing our screens so think we obviously need even more diversity on the big and small screens. And upon further investigation post episode, many of the characters that Google tags as bi, um, aren’t. So let’s do better, ok?

There’s also talka bout who OUR favourite queer characters are, how geek culture and queer culture are connected (SO SUPER CONNECTED AND ALSO HI FANFIC/SLASH/YAOI!), how Amanda realised she wasn’t exactly straight, and how EA are celebrating Pride with a virtual Sims parade!

All in all, this was an EPISODE! Check out out and let us know who your favourite queer characters are!

Resources We Talked About!

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