Episode 108: Geek Discussion: Real talk! Our Girl Geek Highs and Lows 2020 and Before

2020 was a weird AF year, friends. Simultaneously the longest year of our lives but also it went past in the blink of an eye. This isn’t really a recap episode though, but we ARE talking about the highs and lows we’ve experienced as geek girls.

Amongst the highest of the highs, Amanda talks about her Harry Potter experience at the midnight release of HP 6 in Edinburgh. So many bittersweet memories of that night… that’s unfortunately now a bit tainted by everything that’s happened within the HP fandom this year. Sigh.

We also have a bit of a general JK rant, talk about how we just can’t anymore with her or our beloved franchise, and really get into the lows of being a Harry Potter fan in 2020. But, we also know we can’t keep giving her the power to take things away from us. So now is the moment to embrace OTHER creators.

As much as it would have pained us at one point or another to say it… Harry Potter is not the be-all and end-all of fantasy books out there. There are so many more incredible stories out there that deserve our attention.

Of COURSE, we have to throw in some love to our fave fandom, The Realm of the Elderings by Robin Hobb. So much diversity and feminism in this story. Amanda says that EVERYONE on this entire planet needs to spend a portion of their lives investing in this story. For the good of it ALL. Okay? Okay.

We also give a general ode to representation and why we need it. It’s SO important to have representation and diversity in media as it helps to normalise so many different aspects of life. Aspects that ARE normal but so many people just don’t get them for some reason??

And we talk about passing on the torch to the next generation. We’re doing a lot of good work for women in geek culture, but it really is about what we talked with Prof. Taliep. So excited for the future!!

Finally we touch on why it’s okay to disagree and need to find a footing on where to have difficult conversations. Related to this, we get into why it’s so fucking HARD sometimes to be a professional feminist.

What have some of YOUR geeky highs and lows been? Let us know!

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