Episode 89: Geek Girl in the News: July 2020

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: “YAY” or “OMG I can’t believe that.”

The latest and greatest geek girl news from July 2020 covers the girls who outnumber the boys at a national STEM competition, The Witcher’s prequel, rising video gamer stats, that awful trailer for Gamer Girl we all puked at, Assassin’s Creed minimising female protagonists (LAME), the first female Fortnite pro taking 1st place, and Warcraft dropping the £13 fee for gender change.

Welcome to Geek Girl in the News! You might notice a different voice this week – we have the honourable Mx Frazley joining Monika to cover these news stories that matter to YOU.

Girls are leading over boys in a national STEM competition for the second time ever… and the first in TWENTY YEARS. Oh wow! Love to see this fab increase – girls showing what power there is in seeing other women in male-dominated fields. So here for this STEM equality!

And, of course, what kind of geek girl in the news episode would it be if we didn’t talk about The Witcher? They’ve just announced a prequel following the first Witcher ever – yes pleaseeee!!!

The numbers are in, too! It’s official – 75% of alllll households in the USA have someone living there who plays video games. Yes, this is the new norm and the future! Love love love. Frazley, being an American, can confirm this on good authority, too.

Okay, so, by now you’ve probably seen the Gamer Girl trailer. You know, that one that made all of us first be hopeful that something awesome was coming out but then BAM – GAME FOR INCELS. Obviously we’re disgusted by this game and it’s good to get chatting about it with Frazley.

And speaking of shit games – rumour has it that the Assassin’s Creed devs had all kinds of pressure to NOT create female protagonists because they don’t sell. Um, excuse me? We can name loads of games with female leads that sold millions. Catch yerself on, lads!

We’re finishing this episode with some celebrations!

First: Huge congratulations to Moqii Zoldyck who is the first female Fortnite pro winning a tournament! How phenomenal is this!? We love to see all these girls and women taking national and international gaming titles, proving that women belong in games!

And last, but not least, World of Warcraft is scrapping the £13 fee to change your in-game character’s gender with the next expansion, Shadowlands. This move is awesome for everyone – but particularly spectacular for trans/non-binary/genderfluid/agender players who might want to change their character’s gender more often. Heck yes, Blizzard! Love the inclusive moves you’re making as a company!

In this episode of Geek Girl in the News, we covered these news stories:

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