Episode 85: Geek Interview: Women in Indie Game Development with Producer Kitty Crawford

To celebrate Love Indies week in June, we interviewed the remarkable Kitty Crawford about her life as an indie game’s producer! Kitty joins us with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and perspective on the industry.

Kitty is born and raised in Northern Ireland but now lives and works from Montreal – but most of her games clients live back over here in Europe. She shares with us how she started in the indie game industry after leaving television for physical and mental health reasons. Such an awesome transitio to make, though, right!? Before Kitty left us over here in NI, she spent 2 years as the Games NI Chairperson – head of a group dedicated to indie game developers in the country.

For Kitty, the key to her success in the indie game industry has been the two incredible mentors she has and her talent at networking. Because the industry is so competitive, building those relationships with other industry professionals is vital.

What’s it been like for Kitty as a women in the industry? We always hear horror stories coming out of games, but thankfully, Kitty can’t share any of her own! Not only do we talk about her personal experiences, we get real deep about how we can create more diversity in games.

Kitty believes it’s a two pronged approach – keeping the women that are already in the industry and recruiting new women from schools. And it’s not just women in games – it’s vital that we encourage a diverse range of recruitment into indie games. Because diversity does nothing but make us, our projects, and our teams stronger!

And finally, Kitty gives us the lowdown on what it takes to be a games producer and what her days look like. Don’t know about YOU, but we didn’t know much about the profession and it’s so cool – definitely one we both want to know more about!

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