Episode 76: Geek Interview: Diverse Art & Illustration with Siti

Art is totally subjective, but we’re sure you agree – when there’s a diverse range of bodies depicted in illustration, it’s better for everyone! Creating and sharing body positive and diverse art is what our guest, Siti, does and we have to say… it’s amazing.

Siti is a Dutch illustrator who creates wonderful and diverse art that represents a wide variety of body shapes, races, and ages and it gives us all the good feels.

We talk about why representation in art and illustration is so important, not just for the creator, but for everyone who sees that art. By normalising different bodies, we’re celebrating everyone and recognising that differences exist… and that being different is a-okay.

Honestly, we love that art is getting more diverse. As a society, we’ve definitely normalised a certain type of body and race. But that time has well and truly passed and we’re welcoming a shift in perspective.

The rise of the body positivity community is honestly THE BEST. Siti’s art is basically an extension of this movement. HERE. FOR. IT.

Normalise all bodies! Normalise all body types! Normalise all genders!

We stan Siti’s art and we’re so excited to share this episode with you.

Let us know what you think!

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