Episode 90: Geek Interview: Creating Geeky Art and Creative Expression with Molly O’Riley

Combining a love of art and geekiness, Molly O’Riley creates a live of beauty, passion, and expression. This episode is the ultimate wake-up call you need to be you, own your weirdness, and honestly just create something every damn day.

Molly is the founder of The Darling Revolution. She creates stunning abstracts for bold humans, and considers herself an emotional doula, making space for the process and teaching people how to trust themselves through creative practices.

She believes in the power of creativity and that we’re all #ResilientAF.

Molly shares with us how she came to create art inspired by her favourite comic book heroes. Being surrounded by the colours and vibrancy of comics all her life, it was such a natural step for her. Her geek-driven art is so cool, so colourful, and, bonus, you can ask for custom art based on YOUR fave character!

We talk about art and beauty and individualism in creativity. Molly explains why you should start creating every damn day, even if it’s something small, as this helps your individual expression.

Expression is beauty!

We love this episode with the enigma that is Molly and hope you do, too!

What’s the best thing you learned from this ep?

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