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A critical geek culture podcast for geeks everywhere focussed on female representation throughout geekdom. What fuels their passions, the experiences and challenges female geeks face, and way more awesome stuff! Join us to get critical about pop culture, learn from interviews with extraordinary geek girls, and celebrate (or boo!) geek girls in the news.


Geek Herring is for all the girls who grew up without strong geek role models to help them discover their geek dreams.
For everyone who’s ever been quizzed about their video game knowledge, because girls don’t play games.
Geek Herring is working to bring female identifying geeks into their prime. To be the role models, dreams, and voices.


Amanda & Monika are born geeks. After Gameboys and NES being their entry drugs it only went downwards from there. Together they tick every geeky thing on the spectrum: gamer girls, superhero fangirls, book worms, tech afficionados, crocheteers… the list is endless. Most of all they are passionate about women’s and human rights… So they took what they love, and taco ’bout it! 😉

Amanda Sloan

Amanda Sloan

Warrior Queen of the Written Word


What do you get when you cross a degree in Medieval history, a serious Super Mario addiction, and an intense desire to crochet all the geeky things with someone who likes to talk, write, and tweet about all things geeky?

Amanda has been a geek pretty much since birth (Care Bears are geeky, right?!). When her parents bought her an original NES for her 5th birthday, she was hooked, playing Mario pretty much forever.

The video game love is real; Amanda would come home from school for lunch and play Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, go back to school to play Oregon Trail, and come home and play both some more. No wonder she loves geography and travel!

These days, she’s moved on from DOS games (just barely) and spreads her love across anything Robin Hobb has ever written, World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls franchise, coffee, and geek feminism.

Monika Rabensteiner

Monika Rabensteiner

Fool of all Trades


As an Austrian, life isn’t easy. Everybody thinks you are jumping around fountains in Salzburg singing about Edelweiß, while actually, the opposite is true. With geeky tendencies early on in life, her parents quickly bought her all the consoles and gaming devices that were available (also probably to make her shut the f*** up XD).

A Gameboy at 7, the NES shortly after that followed by the Nintendo 64 and a Gamecube (Zelda Limited Edition y’all). Throw in a Nintendo DS and you get a Nintendo fangirl (her dog Yoshi is living proof of that). Lucky her also got a PC at 14 – Internet access included. So imagine her at 2 AM, hoping desperately that her sleeping parents don’t wake up from the calming sounds a 56k modem makes when it dials in. They never did! That’s why she can be here to tell the tale.

Nowadays you find her in Eorzea, streaming weird ass games on Twitch or geeking out about Captain Marvel. 


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